Born of Osiris: Lucien’s Heart

Born of Osiris: Lucien's Heart

Lucien Snowolf is the Alpha of the Lycan Snow Water pack. During a meeting at their bar, he stops a human male from assaulting a woman. She is one of the new teachers at the high school. He realizes that she is also his mate even though she is human.

Elise Williams is stunned when she stares into the vivid green eyes of the man that saves her from being attacked by a man she briefly dated. But he is not human. Lucien is a Lycan, a being that shifts into a wolf. The attraction toward him is instant and overwhelming.

The human male is part of a group abducting young female shifters. He wants Elise for himself and kidnaps her from her mate.

Lucien’s priority is loving and protecting Elise. Will Lucien be able to find her or will he lose her to man obsessed with her?