Christine’s Mate

The second novella in my Sons of Osiris Series has been released.

Christian’s Mate is a sweet, straightforward tale of a girl on the run who meets a boy who turns into a wolf.

Cassidy is in witness protection, hiding from the sadistic cultist who kidnapped her and held her captive for two years. Unfortunately, the government’s sent her to what turns out to be a town full of shapeshifters. Out of the frying pan…

And into a steamy, sizzling romance with a hunky, adorable Lycan named Christian. He knows at first sight—and sniff—that Cas is his mate and sets about wooing the mysterious newcomer. She’s understandably skittish, and equally intrigued. So will the readers be, as their courtship proceeds from sweet to red hot with satisfying speed. Her stalker does find her, providing suspense and tension until he’s caught and dispatched, allowing the lovers to finally mate and begin their true lives together. A good read.